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Robert Pattinson Homesick For The Uk

Twilight star Robert Pattinson admitted that gets nostalgic for his native UK The 22-year-old, who is currently in Los Angeles, says he misses his home so much, he almost cries
3.2.09 13:54

Electra Quot I Quot M Flattered By Ellison Quot Crush Quot

Carmen Electra revealed that she was excited to hear about Jennifer Ellison crush on her. Speaking last year, the former Brookside actress has announced that he wanted a kiss Electra and mud-fight with her..
3.2.09 13:54

Parker Sarandon To Explore Family Roots In Who

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Sarah Jessica Parker and star in Susan Sarandon NBC genealogy reality series Who do you think you are? Lisa Kudrow, who is executive producing the show, will feature on Think , which explores celebrities ancestral history and is based on the documentary series of the BBC hit.
3.2.09 13:54

Spotlight On Anne Hathaway Quot Best Amp Worst Films

Anne Hathaway itself has built a career in question, but how many other players who had good movies and not-so-good movie. And mockery.. Here are two of his best works and two of its worst that we thought were worthy of praise ...
3.2.09 13:54

Tv Junkie Paul Mccartney On Colber T Quot Lost Quot Quot Damages Quot Reign

C. ] The TV Junkie plan: Make em Laugh, Lost, damage, Colber (t), Conan 8:00 pm Make em Laugh: The Funny Business of America PBS / KCET - Wiseguys, as W. Sectors, and smart-alecks, like Groucho Marx, to have the last word, mocking American life, politics and the concerns. Sir Paul McCartney will pay a visit to Comedy Central, The Colber (t) ratio (t) this evening - we re wondering if Colber (t) will be able to perform a song with another famous musician. [Even Colber (t)-related is his last remix challenge, so all you audio-tweakers should check the details here.
3.2.09 13:54

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